SEP – “Slicker Engineered Products”?

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As most of our customers will know, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve:

  • our products
  • our customers’ experience of installing and maintaining them
  • the end-user perception of the absolute quality of what they are paying for

With this in mind, we are in the process of making a number of design tweaks to our compressor range:

  • A brand new purpose-made, locally precision-engineered, stainless steel trim, bringing benefits including a sleek new clean look and complete corrosion resistance
  • A smaller, locally-made, high quality safety relief valve – saving the need to ship from abroad
  • A revised frame design, bringing benefits including smoother lines, better maintenance access, no sharp corners

Overall benefits include six fewer components (lower risk of movement and leakage), a cleaner ‘look and feel’ and not least a weight saving of almost 2kg. The latter reduces our carbon footprint, eases handling for both us and you, and gives a small saving on shipping costs which helps offset our higher cost of the new design.

We won’t give everything away here in one go, but over the next few months you will see other small improvements…

We are pleased to say that these benefits are brought to our customers for an additional cost of… nothing at all!

We think we’re pretty good at what we do; we think our customers agree – and we’re confident that these changes make us even better.

We’re always eager to hear what you think, and will always consider any suggestions made – drop us an email at to tell us what you like, or what could make life better for you or your clients.

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