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It’s an unbelievable 5 weeks since the official ‘return to work’ was announced by the Government, and we published our own Risk Assessment documents. We say ‘return to work’ even though we were never ‘off’, but we did have a couple of quiet weeks back in April. Since then, we have just got busier and busier.

We are pleased to say that we have managed to satisfy every single customer demand (no matter how high the expectation!) over the strange period since March, although from time to time we are experiencing occasional difficulties sourcing some components.

With this is mind, we are currently in a period where our entire workforce is back from cyclical furlough. 

Office staff are still mainly working from home, although with our hosted desktop system and (almost) paperless office, there’s not much difference to them and customers won’t even notice.

Our workshop and warehouse team are all working full-time; however, because we are not comfortable having the full team in our space together, we have adopted two shifts, covering the period from 0600 until 1930. This way, we can continue being fully productive whilst reducing any Covid risks as far as possible. It’s great that we have a flexible and committed team like no other.

We have recently had two ‘scares’ with workshop staff suffering from some symptoms and going for tests – thankfully, both were negative, but it goes to show that no-one can be too careful.

Thanks to our customers for continuing to have faith in us at this time, and thanks to our staff who continue to work with dedication despite the difficulties.

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