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We are well aware that we regularly ‘bang on’ about service, but we genuinely feel that you can have the best products in the world (we wouldn’t be so bold…) but without the advice and service to back it up – including when things occasionally go wrong – then there’s no point.

Of course, most companies claim that they have great service (including one notable assertion last week of ‘the very best in customer service’ which left me and several customers who I spoke to that day scratching our heads), and there appears to be a national obsession with collecting feedback and asking for surveys…which are just annoying in the main.

We don’t have to irritate people with surveys, we just talk to our customers every day and listen. Here is what some of them have had to say recently…

“Perfect…it’s been a long battle but the day has come…really pleased it’s all worked out and that you will now be our preferred supplier” – Senior Project Manager from one of our top customers, after we worked together on a significant proposal for a major project, our biggest order ever was received after six months’ hard work on both sides.

“Sorry for all the fuss and bother as you are the nicest suppliers we have, never complain” – Project Engineer, Tyco Fires & Integrated Security, after we provided a replacement compressor at very short notice to help them out of a hole.

“This is the best, most helpful, service I’ve had from anyone all week!” – Maintenance Engineer for Viridor, after we provided telephone advice, parts and maintenance advice in relation to an older failed compressor unit.

“Need another three of those wonderful test pieces you’ve provide recently” – Churches Fire Security Technician, with a repeat order for a specially designed ‘maintain & test’ device.

“Apologies for the time taken on this but your continued support is appreciated” – Project Manager, Protec Energy, during discussions and technical proposals for duplex compressor units.


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