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The benefits of ZONE GUARDIAN

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Now that our ZONE GUARDIAN flow test device has been approved by the LPCB, we are being asked quite regularly,

“OK, but what are the benefits compared to…?”

Here we’ve put together some advantages of the ZONE GUARDIAN’s circulating pump:

  • The small and modern design of our pump makes it around 2.8kg lighter (than the market alternative), making handling of the whole assembly during unpacking and installation easier and safer.
  • The ZONE GUARDIAN pump is self-venting, although the local pipework obviously requires air release, making installation and maintenance less troublesome.
  • As shown in the feature image, the ZONE GUARDIAN pump protrudes approximately 80mm less from the pipe, making handling during installation easier, and also allowing the unit to fit into a smaller cavity with more room to manoeuvre.
  • The ZONE GUARDIAN pump utilises only 60w; albeit a minor cost overall, running costs are therefore significantly reduced by around 2/3.
  • Despite all of the above, the pump produces sufficient flow to reliably test the flow switch within the pipe.

These are just some of the benefits of buying our ZONE GUARDIAN.

Read more about our new flow test device. Or contact us for pricing and availability.


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