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It’s compressor time again!

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As many of our customers know (and despite our regular launch of other products), air compressors for dry, alternate and pre-action fire sprinkler systems have been the backbone of SEP for many years. Indeed, some of Rob’s early discussions with customers were to try and widen the perception from, “Ah, you’re [just] the compressor company!” Hopefully this has been done, but compressors are still extremely important to us, and to many fire sprinkler systems where water is not a permanent option.

There is a constant demand throughout the year for all of our key compressor models (with or without receiver, single or three-phase, oil-free, belt-driven) but in the run-up to, and over, the winter months we become extremely busy as many systems switch over from water to air to avoid the risk of freezing. As well as ongoing projects and planned cyclical renewal, there is a maintenance/repair-led demand for replacement units.

We have been busily trying to build up our stock of finished units and multipurpose sub-assemblies over the summer, have a reliable supply chain in place for key components and, of course, a trained and experienced team of technicians – so as usual we are ready to respond quickly and flexibly when you need us.

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