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As most of our customers will know, we are a preferred distributor for Grundfos FireSAFE+ domestic and residential booster pump sets.

In fact, we are not just a distributor, but we are a STOCKIST, and we have invested heavily – to the point where we probably have more finished stock than Grundfos themselves! This means that we can give great service on delivery, at great prices which are even better for project quantities. We will shortly also have spares stock which will enable us to assist with any after-sales support that may be required.

Across the CM range of 3-, 5- and 10- models at the time of writing we have over 80 units available. We are confident that this gives us the best stock in the industry.

The FireSAFE+ range, developed by the only global player in this market with full compliance (BS9251:2021, BS8458:2015, EN16925:2019 and LPS1667:2022), includes condition monitoring, fault notification, dual pressure switch and data-logging.

The smaller ‘domestic-range’ CM units are highly compact (other less experienced manufacturers are trying hard to replicate this sizing) within a neat and safe enclosure, with flow ranges up to 240 lpm and pressure ranges up to 4.9 bar. Typical performance points: 60 lpm (1.8-4.6 bar), 120 lpm (2.6-4.0 bar), and 180lpm (2.0-3.2 bar).

For higher performance in residential settings, the CRi units are skid-mounted with an all-new user-friendly controller, with flow ranges up to 380 lpm and pressure ranges up to 10 bar (single-phase) or 25 bar (3-phase). Typical performance points: 100 lpm (2.5-25 bar), 200 lpm (2-24 bar), 300lpm (2-22 bar), and 400 lpm (7-18 bar). Higher performance units are also available by special order.

Please see further information here and see our Downloads page here, then click on ‘Residential & Domestic’.

If you want to ask about our up-to-date stock (for delivery next day) and pricing, just drop Cameron an email here.

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