Dry Riser Test Pump upgrade

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Since we first launched our DRTP following a customer request, over 3 years ago, it has been growing in popularity in the UK, and we’ve even sold some overseas.

The main reasons for its growing popularity – as given to us by real-life users in the field – are:

  • It’s cleaner, greener and so much quieter than petrol/diesel machines;
  • Powering from the vehicle, leisure batteries or even an extension lead, doesn’t prove difficult;
  • No need to store or decant fuel, or manoeuvre heavy machines;
  • The pump set takes up less room in the vehicle, doesn’t need extracting, and only hoses need to be connected; and
  • Even though the actual charging and pressurisation may take a little longer, the overall task time is no longer and often quicker.

Following requests from customers in Ireland (where testing needs to be carried out to 15 bar), we also now offer an upgraded model (based on the 1.5kw Grundfos CRi1-30, whereas the standard model is based on the 1.1kw Grundfos CRi1-23). The flow rate is the same as up to 40lpm, but the upgraded model will provide head of up to 180m compared to the original 135m.

Both models have the same footprint at approx. 550x520mm and weigh in at around 60kg, whereas the 1-30 model is slightly higher at 1146mm compared to the 1-23 which is 1020mm.

Why not join the movement to electric?

Please get the full datasheet here and email us now to find out more…

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