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Sometimes, the best laid plans go awry…and in contrast, some things that were not planned at all just seem to work. The latter can be said of our Dry Riser Test Pump, which was developed almost by chance late last year and has developed an interest that we didn’t see coming. OK, compared to some of our other products it’s never going to be a mass-market high volume product, but from a standing start it is growing well and – most importantly – customers are very happy with it.

The original reason for development of the Sry Riser Test Pump was to save the risk and hassle of carrying alternative heavy, noisy and fuel-consuming diesel pumps…and replace them with an electric, almost noise-free (one customer has installed an LED indicator as he wasn’t sure when the pump was running!), quick and easy set-up which a single person can operate.

Initial ‘concerns’ over possible slow performance on larger dry riser systems have borne out to be not a problem in reality; in fact, when looking at overall start-to-finish time, many customers are reporting significant time savings on top of the other numerous benefits.

We owe thanks to the southern-based customer who helped us get this right in the first place, to those who have made suggestions for improvements, and further thanks to those who have posted information on LinkedIn (you know who you are) which is an endorsement indeed.

We have a standard model, with available options such as instantaneous fittings and a calibration certificate for the gauge – but it’s also quite common for us to build the outlet slightly differently to suit your setup, and of course more powerful pumps are available as an upgrade.

Please see here for more information about the Dry Riser Test Pump and contact us if you’d like a quote.

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