Duplex lpc air compressor

Duplex Air Compressors

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Duplex air compressor systems are one of the most popular units that we offer. They have a dual compressor layout which reacts differently according to the situation, allowing it to operate either one compressor at a time, alternate between the two or operate both simultaneously.

Therefore, if your sprinkler system requires resilience or backup in case of failure and/or additional capacity in the absence of three-phase supply, then a duplex compressor station can offer the perfect solution. Its features provide a safety net for your system that gives it both adaptability and consistency, as well as offering a significant increase in overall life safety, which is obviously the key motivation for all sprinkler systems.

We can manufacture duplex stations using virtually any of the compressors in our range, from oil-free to belt-driven, and with either 230v or 400v power supplies. We often incorporate air dryers and air receivers, allowing us to offer the most comprehensive product possible. On top of this all of our compressors come fitted with the following; a control panel with isolator, thermal overload, load-sharing relay to manage compressor utilisation, alarm connections and changeover indicators.

Key Benefits

  • All our duplex compressors comply with LPC guidelines
  • All materials comply with PED 97/23/EC regulations.
  • Pressure switches differential to each compressor.
  • Pressure safety relief valve.
  • Glycerine filled 100mm pressure gauge with no loss connector.
  • Solenoid, unloader valve and non-return valve prevents compressors starting under load.
  • Flexible hose with ½” adaptor for system connection, minimum 0.5m.
  • Unistrut for fixing; wall (ideally) or floor mounted.
  • Anti-vibration mounts.
  • Complimentary compressor oil.
  • Air receiver models include 24 litre 11 bar receiver with drain valve.
  • Maintenance and replacement parts are readily available.

All of our duplex LPC air compressor systems are made to order and often to unique specifications, so please contact us to discuss your requirements. You can also download our data sheet or send us an enquiry on our Duplex LPC Air Compressors page.

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