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First unit sold from our residential riser range

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Following the recent launch of our compact and inexpensive stainless steel residential riser range (residential or domestic valve set), we were contacted by one of our customers, Hall & Kay, to ask if we could help formulate a solution to a minor works problem they had inherited.

A small block of flats in Lancaster, which had a sprinkler system in the stairway, had been suffering from repeated false alarms triggered by water pressure changes tripping a pressure switch which was wired into a local alarm.

We discussed the matter and agreed that one potential solution could be a flow switch, as opposed to a pressure switch, arrangement. One of the problems the customer had, apart from space (which is very often an issue in a residential setting) was the lack of a primary water isolation valve. There was an old 2” ball valve on a plastic main, but then this was connected via a length of screwed steel pipe to CPVC sprinkler pipework going through a wall and under the stairs into the stairwell – ‘something of a Heath Robinson affair’ was the customer’s assessment.

We agreed on a plan and were able to provide the following (all 2”/50mm) within 48 hours; a small component set designed to allow a single-visit on-site repair:

  • stainless steel residential riser arrangement complete with flow switch, pressure gauge and test valve outlet;
  • WRAS approved double-check valve
  • BSP screwed to CPVC socket adaptor
  • steel screwed-grooved adaptor, courtesy of one of our other partners;
  • stainless hex nipples

The customer has since reported that the repair was carried out quickly and successfully, and that there have been no further false alarms to date.

It may only have been an order for one unit, and in a repair rather than a new installation setting, but we were still excited that within days of launching our new range, one of our customers had the confidence to work with us on a solution and place an order. Thank you.

Please contact us to see how our residential riser range can help you.

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