residential riser assembly

SEP Residential Riser Assembly

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Following many customer requests, and after some time in product development, we are proposing the introduction of a compact design residential riser assembly. The various options are illustrated in the images and data table below.

The unit is specifically designed to be both smaller and cheaper than many risers currently available; and in addition, rather than having to work around a ‘take it or leave it’ design that forces you down a certain route, we can quickly and easily assemble special units to your required configuration, all for no additional cost.

  • All stainless steel pipework (vertical or horizontal inlet)
  • Potter VSR-S LPC approved flow switch
  • 63mm glycerine filled pressure gauge
  • Lockable brass ball valve for test and/or drain
  • Options*: WRAS-approved lockable brass ball valve for inlet and/or WRAS-approved double check valve with integral test point

Residential Riser Assembly Specifications

residential riser assembly

Size Unit Price £ WRAS Double-check WRAS Inlet Valve ‘BD’ Height x Width cm
Provided* Fitted* Provided* Fitted*
1″ 165 26 31 14 19 26 x 24
1 1⁄4″ 180 42 48 21 27 28 x 25
1 1⁄2″ 190 63 70 27 34 29 x 31
2″ 210 82 90 39 47 32 x 29

*Options provided with the riser but not fitted to the assembly (unless requested otherwise), due to varying positioning requirements on site e.g. check valve at the property perimeter. Potter’s advice is that the flow switch should not to be within 150mm of the valve etc.

For more information about our residential riser assembly please call +44 161 428 1180 or email and one of our technical sales team will be happy to talk you through the options and quote you our latest prices.

SEP are more than happy to discuss special product requirements if you do not see what you are looking for on this website.

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