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These are strange times indeed – and we are very conscious that for many people they are worrying, uncertain and in many cases much worse as lives are lost. Greater Manchester is also currently subject to a ‘semi-lockdown’, and our MD is in quarantine prior to a minor operation required by his daughter.

So of course it is with mixed feelings that we publish positive news, whilst appreciating that we are fortunate enough to be able to do so.

Continuing our strong growth of recent years, we were flying high in March until the economy was effectively turned off. The end of March and April were fairly slow, as they were for almost everyone, but since then we have been lucky enough to regain our momentum and bring all employees back to work. The past few months have seen records broken for domestic/residential booster pump sets (May), Dry Riser Test Pumps (August) and Zone Guardian (July) – as well as July being one of our best months ever for turnover.

Some of our customers will also have noticed a new name appearing on emails and answering the phone – Cameron actually joined us back in February as Assistant Manager with the aim of assisting with the more complex customer enquiries, improving stock and logistics management, and enabling our MD to continue to develop new products and markets. He didn’t get far into his training before lockdown, but we were lucky enough to be able to retain him on furlough until his return last month. Cameron is enjoying the challenge and variety, and although he comes from outside the fire industry (but with engineering and security experience), he is learning fast about our products and customers. Just like Anna and Karen he joins in the ‘office’, he displays the ‘SEP’ attitude to customer service, quality and flexibility so we’re sure he’ll be a great addition to the team.

Amongst the general gloom and negativity, we are therefore grateful to our customers who are effectively enabling us to provide a secure employment environment for our people, who in turn are flexibly working hard (in shifts or at home for reasons of safety)… to service our customers.

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