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Orifice Unions Go Stainless

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As part of our range of spares and accessories, we offer various orifice fittings (unions, brass plates, other fittings) and many customers take advantage of these when carrying out installations and maintenance.

Machined orifice plates have proven difficult for customers to source (so, of course we can help, this is what we’re here for). They are often in brass, but we can also do then in stainless steel and other alloys for special applications.

Perhaps COVID-related, perhaps just because of poor customer service by our ex-supplier, but we have struggled badly over the last six months to securely obtain flat-faced unions within which to machine our orifice plates. Therefore we have taken the decision to move forwards, once existing stocks are depleted, with stainless steel orifice unions.

Our new style of orifice unions are finely cast and well-machined 316 stainless steel, complete with PTFE seal and BSP threads (1/2″ to 2″ generally from stock, but 1/8″ to 4″ available).

The even better news is that, for the stainless unions, we will be able to keep the pricing the same as the less attractive galvanised malleable iron.

See our ancillary items here.

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  1. Hello,
    We are testing some of aircraft components, using clean, pressurised air.
    I am looking for restrictor units having 0.042 inch and 0.030 inch orifice sizes.
    We can be flexible about the available connection type.
    and also we can use same housing by changing the plate (if possible)as we will do the tests in different times.
    Could you please inform about your proper products best suits with that purpose.
    Qty will be two each 0.042 inch, two each 0.030 inch. (if one housing enough two housing 2+2 orifice)

    Thank you very much and kind regards.


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