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Although SEP is not a ‘valve shop’ (we are honest in saying that there are others who are better placed to service your everyday valve needs), we have some specialisms in our supply-chain and expertise, we are able to supply many valves from our own stock, and can even help you source anything non-standard that you may be struggling with.

In summary, here is a list of everything we are helping with on a weekly basis…and there are many oddities not listed!

Valves generally from stock:

  • Priority Demand valves in all sizes from 15mm to 50mm as solenoid-type; from 65mm to 200mm as butterfly type; all come with our own control panel.
  • Non-return valves from 10mm upwards; we have PN16/25 in brass, high-pressure stainless up to PN63, spring, swing, swing with orifice, double, WRAS-approved.
  • Safety valves for air: ¼” from 2.5 to 5.5 bar in stock, but any other size and custom pressures available to order on short lead times – can be calibrated and certificated on an individual basis.
  • Ball valves, lockable and WRAS-approved: from ¼” to 2” in stock, other sizes available to order on short lead times.
  • Monitored butterfly valves: LPCB-approved, 65-100mm in stock, other sizes to order on short lead times.
  • Diff valves: most popular ½” in stock, other sizes to order on short lead times – all provided with a full fixing kit including copper pipe and adaptors.
  • Solenoid valves: certain ½” to 2” in stock, but there are very many different options including power-rating, normally-open or normally-closed, 2-way, 3-way etc.

Valves usually to order:

  • Safety valves for water: with screwed BSP side-outlet – our local approved supplier can turn around any request in just a few days.
  • Actuated butterfly valves: aside from those we use on our PDV setup, we have access to a top-quality supplier who can do pretty much any configuration quickly.
  • Alarm valves (plus seal/service kits) – wet/dry/alternate/deluge – various makes and models including Victaulic, Viking and Tyco.

Coming soon!

  • Monitored ball valves: in fact, we are already selling these, we just have not quite launched yet until we’re happy we can supply in volume. Watch this space!

So, if you need a valve, you know where to come! Email us now.

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