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Since our foundation over 30 years ago, SEP has been almost completely UK-centric, with our only significant export market being Ireland. Things are changing!

Mainly, our ability to export in volume has been restricted due to our base product range (air compressors for dry/alternate systems, pump initiation boards) being targeted towards UK-type systems and also not being easy to ship or generally purchased in volume. The launch of Zone Guardian changed this, but until recently we have simply not had the resource to explore more widely. The decision to invest and recruit our Operations Manager (Cameron, who many of you will now have dealt with) has allowed our MD more time to work on developmental areas of the business.

We recently announced a partnership with ReFire in Australia, and hot on the heels of that… we are now in a position to confirm our next partnership, with Deluge Fire Protection!

Deluge have been established for almost 40 years in Singapore as a supplier of various products large and small, prefabrication and design. Deluge are headquartered in western Singapore, and also have offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, with access to many markets. Similarly to our approach in Australia, Deluge will initially be focused on our Zone Guardian (in areas where water-saving is becoming ever more important), but also other products within our range where they are able to solve problems (for example, our alarm valve booster pump for mains-fed systems, priority demand valves for domestic and residential systems, amongst others).

Deluge will be exploring countless opportunities on our behalf, and we are excited to be working with such a large and prestigious partner.

Rob, our MD, said “2022 has seen quite a bit of excitement already, and there’s still plenty to come, so this is yet another brilliant announcement for us with lots of potential. Deluge are clearly a significant operator in their markets, and Vincent the CEO is no-nonsense and very clear about their aims and objectives. There is a significant overlap in our values and ethos. I have been impressed with Deluge’s speed of decision-making and determination of action, something unusual in a large organisation. Deluge’s progress and growth in recent years is similar to our own (on a larger scale of course!), and we look forward to adding to their capabilities and range. We can’t wait to develop this relationship!”

Bernard Yeo, Sales Director of Deluge, comments “Water is precious and we should not drain thousands of litres of drinkable water for testing purpose other than to fight fire”.

Please join us in welcoming Deluge Fire Protection as another of our global partners, and ‘stay tuned’ for what we have planned next.

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  1. Sounds like a great tie up. There is a lot of development happening in that region. So SEP’s expertise will be essential.
    I travel to Thailand regularly with my partner (who is Thai) & I see a lot going on. Best of luck with your partnership!

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