Goodbye SEP850S

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After many years (maybe even 20!) in valuable and reliable service, the days of our SEP850S are now nearing a close!

As part of our ever-changing and ever-improving product range, we have to say a sad goodbye to the SEP850S… the 2.2kw version has been unavailable for a while, and the 1.8kw version is almost gone too, we maybe have a dozen left.

Instead, we are replacing and upgrading with the same pump range as we have upgraded the SEP550S with the SEP1.5S – with a top quality pump from our supplier’s rage up… so it won’t be a surprise to know that we are calling it the SEP1.8S (1.8kw, Single phase).

As with the smaller model, the SEP1.8S gives a slightly higher output for its 1.8kw than the SEP850S – over 200lpm at 2 bar – and draws less current at around 9A.

We’re sure that the 1.8S will bring with it an equally impressive record of reliability and will be just as popular… it is now available in all of our usual configurations:

  • SEP1.8S/LPC – without air receiver for open systems
  • SEP1.8S.AR/LPC – with air receiver for use on FM systems, or if you wish to use an air maintenance device or regulator
  • SEP1.8S.AR.LP/LPC – with air receiver, with special low pressure settings (under 2 bar or fine differential)

You can download the SEP1.8S datasheet , or email us if you require any further information or a quotation.

For anyone wishing for a return of 2.2kw wall-mounted units, we are working hard to try and design such an option, so watch this space…

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