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Focus on ZONE GUARDIAN Test Module

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Further to our focus last month on the ZONE GUARDIAN pump, and its advantages, we thought this month that we’d have a closer look at our flow switch test module…

Similarly to the legacy product, our Test Module is a keyswitch-operated control box which activates the circulating pump to which it’s connected (or, in the case of interconnected units, several circulating pumps), and indicates when the water flow switch has been triggered.

There are several advantages incorporated into our design:flow switch test module

  • The unit uses a full set of DIN rail connectors, making wiring much easier than connecting cables straight onto the PCB which risks irreparable damage.
  • The unit shows a permanent green ‘power’ LED indicating that power supply to the unit is healthy.
  • The ZG test module is constructed with several drilled and plugged knockouts, so that installers can use their preferred 20mm cable glands for wiring up.
  • The unit has two separate amber LEDs for either ‘single’ or ‘multi’ test.
  • The test module is housed in a substantial surface-mounted IP56-rated polymer box.
  • The metal mounting plate can be removed from the rear of the box with a couple of screws to make fixing easier.

Initial customer feedback is very positive, with wiring in is seen to be quicker, easier and less prone to damage the circuit board.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to use our new, LPCB-approved, ZONE GUARDIAN then contact us now to find out more.


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