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For applications from chilled storage, freezer rooms or just the upcoming British winter weather, we offer a range of compressed air dryers.

In very cold conditions, there is a significant risk of compressed air condensate freezing and forming ice plugs in the sprinkler pipework, preventing the flow of water when it may be needed…which is obviously the last thing anyone wants to happen to their fire protection system.

We used to offer (and some companies still do) a fairly complicated electronic self–purging dryer system – however, with fire sprinkler compressors cutting in and out only occasionally under normal conditions, we concluded that this was overkill and offered more points of failure.

We now offer a very simple, inexpensive and low maintenance canister system, with easy-to-change desiccant/filter cartridges, and an oil pre-filter with optional gauge to indicate filter medium change.

Please have a look here, download the ‘Compressed Air Dryers’ information sheet, and complete the enquiry form if you need further information or a quotation.

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