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As we have been getting busier and busier (another record year-end is approaching), and one of our most experienced workers has unfortunately been on long-term sickness since April, we thought it was time to recruit another technician for our workshop.

Our existing team brings a mixture of experiences, skills and backgrounds – ‘proper’ engineering, telecoms, welding, aerospace, manufacturing – and, together with the specific specialist training provided on the job at SEP, the end result is our top quality and flexible offering you know (and love, of course!).

Our latest recruit, Neil, has most recently been making and testing smart meters. His innate ability with tools, understanding what we do here, enthusiasm and easy-going nature made him first choice (the whole team was involved in the selection process).

The MD, Rob, asked Neil to write about his ‘first impressions’, learning and experience so far. Neil says:

“The first thing is the difference between previous production roles (making one component throughout a shift, being disconnected from the overall process, and not having a true understanding the final product) and what I’m doing at SEP (producing products from start to finish, understanding each part of the process) leading to a much more rewarding and cerebral workday.

“Here, each possible problem has to be understood and addressed at each step to ensure that the resulting product achieves the high standard that is not just expected but necessary to ensure that our products fulfil their role in potentially saving lives.

“Of course, knowing the importance of the role our products play adds pressure in our pursuit of perfection, but this is actually something I find rewarding rather than stressful. I take pride in making something so potentially impactful, not only for the businesses we supply, to but to people’s lives.

“I have had to learn new skills, including the use of different tools and equipment, that in a short time have become second nature. The skills and knowledge I have acquired will be invaluable no matter where the future takes me. My training is being given by the entire team at SEP, who are not only knowledgeable, but also kind and patient. There is a real sense of warmth and community here that can only come from such a small team of professionals who all have their part to play in meeting the high standards expected not just from the management team, but everyone involved. There is a real sense of pride that rightly permeates through everyone who works here.

“As a graduate of English literature and creative writing (with a few career changes since), I am conscious that my words may sound contrived, but this was written with thanks for being part of something that really is the best job and company I have had the pleasure to work for so far. I hope to be here for a long time, and hope my contribution is worth the pride I feel to be working here.”

Rob agrees that Neil certainly seems to be getting along in our small workshop team and enjoying the variety (although with the vast number of recent orders for pump initiation boards, he’s fast becoming our next specialist in that area!).

Glad to have you aboard, Neil!

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