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Grundfos FireSAFE update

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As many of our customers will know, we are a nominated distributor of the Grundfos FireSAFE range of domestic and residential fire sprinkler booster sets…did you also know that we are the ONLY stockist of the domestic (CM-range) sets? Even Grundfos themselves do not maintain a stock of finished units, so if you ever need something in a hurry then you know where to come!

That said, as has been the case for all manufacturers this year, maintaining a stock of anything at all is hard work…and sometimes impossible! Grundfos themselves have had supply issues in turn with frames, controllers, pumps, and manifolds, all of which have led to long lead-times and late deliveries. They are also working hard to implement all changes required for the updated BS9251 standard from 2014 to 2021.

After some delays, in August we received a number of CM-class units which led to us shipping double our average over the previous six months, and within days of receiving our deliveries, ALL spare units had been sold. In addition, during late September to mid-October we are expecting up to 70 more units – most of which have already been sold, but we have also managed to secure a replenishment of some of our stock which has been quickly wiped out over recent months. Let us know if you are interested, because supply issues are set to continue for some time to come.

Unfortunately, it seems that we are unable to quote or take orders for any three-phase units until the new year, which is a big inconvenience to ourselves and customers alike.

In less good news, we have been informed of an imminent price increase to take account of the upgrade from 2014 to 2021 standards – we don’t know what it will be yet, but please expect anything from 10-20%…this may sound a lot, but the Grundfos units are very price-competitive.

As regards the update to 2021 standards, we have been advised that we may take and place orders from October, with deliveries scheduled from the new year.

Thank you to many customers who have worked with us and been patient through this difficult period – we have so far managed NOT to completely let anyone down.

Please have a look at our Booster Sets web page or email us to find more.

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