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Over the past 12 months we have seen an increasing demand for jockey as well as other booster pumps, so we thought a quick ‘reminder’ to all our readers may be useful.

As a nominated distributor for Grundfos, we have access to all of their models (most often the CRi vertical multistage pumps) through their online system, with the double benefit that you get our response times and competitive pricing. We also regularly supply Lowara eSV series, so there’s no restriction on manufacturer.

Strangely, we have noticed some existing customers buying through third parties when it would be quicker, easier and cheaper to come to us directly, but we appreciate life isn’t always that simple.

If you know exactly what you need, or have a photo of an existing pump plate (not just motor plate) than that’s perfect, BUT we also have the expertise to help when you’re not sure!

All you need is the power supply (1ph/230v or 3ph/400v) and the required pressure – we can do the rest for you, although for some applications we must also have the flow requirement.

We can even supply a simple contactor starter, with or without pressure switch, if you need it.

Read more about our jockey and booster pumps here and contact us with your requirements.

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