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Due to developing customer demand, and our drive to always look at extending and improving our range of specialist products for the fire sprinkler industry, we are pleased to be able to launch a new style of Priority Demand Valve.

We already manufacture solenoid PDVs in sizes from 15mm to 50mm, and butterfly PDVs in sizes from 65mm upwards – now available with immediate effect, we are able to offer Actuated Ball Valve PDVs also in sizes from 15mm to 50mm.

Whilst we believe there is still a place for the solenoid valve type, we see the following benefits to using our actuated ball valves:

  • Do not require constant actuation in order to remain open – although they do need power for 30 seconds to charge the capacitors (which are used to close the valve should there be a power loss). Solenoid valves require constant operation to remain open, which causes the coil to become warm (although this is not a concern as they are designed for this).
  • Visual indicator of open/closed status.
  • Manual override which can be operated to open the valve temporarily at times of power loss.
  • Do not require a pressure difference in order to allow the passage of water – solenoid valves require a positive pressure difference of at least 0.3 bar, which means that in certain circumstances (e.g. tank-fed) they may not be suitable.
  • The open/close cycle is only 10 seconds.
  • Valves are also WRAS-approved, as are our solenoid and butterfly valves.
  • Price points are similar to the solenoid valve type.

The table below summarises the key benefits of each type of valve, in order to assist your selection:

Please email us or call us now on 0161 428 1180 in order to ask for more information or get a quote.

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