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We talk a lot about our range of manufactured ‘large items’, such as air compressors, Zone Guardian flow switch testing devices, pump initiation boards, alarm valve booster pumps, domestic & residential booster sets etc.

However, maybe we don’t talk enough about our selection of smaller accessories.

One range of these is our orifice fittings, where we are able to offer several options to suit your needs – usually fabricated in-house or, if highly specialist, using one of our trusted local suppliers. Such fittings are often used to control pressure and/or flow within various parts of fire sprinkler systems; with our skilled team and own machine shop we are well-placed to assist.

For instance, we regularly supply the following:

  • Galvanised flat-faced unions with brass or bronze orifice plate drilled to your requirements (often, but not always, 3mm) – from 15-50mm.
  • Orifice plates for flanged pipe fitting, usually 3-10mm brass, but we have supplied in special alloys and also to specialist machined standards, from NB25 up to NB200 or beyond.
  • Swing check valves with drilled clapper, usually 15-50mm.
  • Control valves with drilled ball, such as simple lever-operated or 3-way valves.
  • Other orifice fittings, such as brass connectors, hex nipples etc.

If any of the above, or any other type of specialist orifice fitting, may be of interest then please contact us.

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