Product Focus: Alarm Valve Booster Pumps

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The SEP AVBP – Alarm Valve Booster Pump

In the warmer months, our Alarm Valve Booster Pump (AVBP, or Towns Main Booster Pump, or False Alarm Booster Pump) becomes ever more popular.

The main reason for this is that water supplies tend to become ever more scarce as demand increases and supply (subject to the British weather!) reduces… The water companies will then reduce pressures, and it’s exactly this pressure fluctuation in the water supply that our little AVBP is designed to overcome.

When water pressure varies around the alarm valve, there is an increasing risk of a (false) alarm being activated, so our magic little piece of kit simply stops this happening. By connecting below and above the alarm valve, and using a Bailey & Mackey 1381V pressure switch, the small low-flow-high-pressure pump activates when needed to recharge the accumulator which in turn helps balance the pressure in the system to eradicate false alarms.

Our AVBP unit is pretty unique in the market, and at just 400mm wide and 600mm high, is easy to fit into most valve rooms.

Almost all of our volume sales are 230v, mains pressure + 4 bar (max 10 bar); and we are increasingly seeing demand for 230v, mains pressure + 9 bar (max 25 bar). Three-phase options are also available, but please note that a neutral connection is required for both the pressure switch and the on-delay timer (which prevents pump hunting).

See our Alarm Valve Booster Pumps page for more information, or email us to ask.

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