NEW Protective case for calibrated gauges

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As many of our valued customers are aware, we proudly provide an efficient and cost-effective pressure gauge calibration/certification service, accommodating gauges ranging from 1 to 70 bar. Our commitment to excellence drives us to expand our services each year, helping our customers meet increasingly stringent installation, commissioning and testing standards.

However, one recurring request that has posed a challenge for us is the provision of suitable protective cases. Albeit some customers may use a test gauge just once and then install for general use, many others may use the test gauge for 12 months, and when it’s knocking around in a holdall or back of a van then it’s likely to be damaged or at least there’s risk of a loss of accuracy.

We are delighted to announce that we have resolved this issue by introducing a compact hard plastic protective case, thoughtfully equipped with a foam liner. This case, measuring just 230 x 175 x 53 mm, addresses the need for safeguarding your valuable equipment effectively.

The advantages of this protective case are twofold: firstly, it shields the gauge from physical damage, safeguarding its case, window, and block. Secondly, it plays a crucial role in preserving the gauge’s accuracy over an extended period, ensuring the instrument’s integrity and consistently reliable measurements over time.

Why not ask us about these next time you are ordering calibrated gauges, or get a quote now by emailed us at

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