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As part of our extensive ‘spares and accessories’ range of items which we supply for fire sprinkler systems, we offer numerous types of valves, flow meters, flow switches, orifice fittings, pressure gauges (even with your own logo for volume orders)… and pressure switches. We thought a bit of a ‘product focus’ might be useful…

  • The bulk of our sales are Bailey & Mackey 1381 switches, where we stock 11, 14, 28 and 42 bar. This range is LPCB-approved and therefore widely used in the UK.
    • These are available with either a standard or a variable/adjustable (‘V’) differential (pressure between cut-in and cut-out).
    • We maintain a great stock of all of the above, so we can ship ‘today’ for delivery ‘tomorrow’.
    • 4 bar switches are also available, but we do not keep in stock.
  • The following are also offered by Bailey & Mackey, and we are asked for often, BUT they are quite expensive by comparison, and the lead time is often extended:
    • A ‘P’ switch in both standard and variable, where the switch is pre-wired into a DIN plug for ease of installation; and
    • A ‘1391’ switch in both standard and variable, which has an indicator dial to show the pressure setting/s.
  • We also offer a range of high quality Danfoss pressure switches, for air or water applications – popular ranges include CS (which we use on our standard pressure air compressors), RT (which we use on our low pressure or fine differential air compressors) and KPI (often used to control water pumps, used by Grundfos for example).
  • Potter pressure switches are offered in a range of pressures, approved and listed by various bodies; we keep several models in our stock.
  • Finally in our stock range, we generally have Allen Bradley 836T 12-150psi with adjustable differential of 6-30psi, UL-listed.
  • In addition to our normally-stocked items, we can also offer various other makes and models such as Schneider/Square D, transducers etc, although there are very many types therefore if enquiring please have basic information available such as connection size, pressure range, differential range and any approvals or listings required.

Please email us to find out more.

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