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Sale Engineering announces Product Recycling trial

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We are now offering a unique service in allowing customers and their clients the opportunity to recycle products which have been replaced. In order to gauge interests, costs and benefits, we are offering this service initially on a 4-month trial from now (November 2015) until 31 March 2016.

If any customer purchases one of our new units (compressor, alarm valve booster pump or pump initiation board) then simply return the old one to us – it doesn’t matter whether it’s ours or not.

We will assess all returns to ascertain whether any parts can be refurbished into ‘as-new’ state (obviously, safety-critical parts such as air receivers and pressure relief valves will never be re-used); alternatively, units will be stripped down and recycled or responsibly disposed of as appropriate.

We believe that such an approach has a number of advantages:

  • For you and your client, it reduces your disposal costs and removes the worry about safe and responsible disposal of our products including lubricating oils etc.
  • For us, it gives us the opportunity for additional staff training; may also reduce the usage of new and unnecessary materials; and also gives us the comfort that our environmental impact is lessened.
  • For the wider environment, there would be an overall reduction in materials usage as we maximise recycling of both metals and lubricants.

To try and encourage this, we ask that all units are returned at your own cost via the cheapest means; however, should we be able to safely refurbish any part of a returned unit then we will credit your account with at least £10 +VAT in recognition which should cover return costs.

Hopefully, we will be able to help each other minimise our environmental impact. Please make the most of this trial – and, as ever, your feedback on our scheme would be welcome.

If you have any questions about our recycling scheme or would like to speak to us about returning parts our your sprinkler system for recycling, please call us on 0161 428 1180 or use our enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

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