Fire Safety & Technical Terms

Fire Safety & Technical Terms

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Every industry can tend to using too much jargon and the fire protection industry is no exception. So if some of the terms we use are unfamiliar to you please let us know and we will add them to our glossary.

We will be updating this regularly with our own words as well.

Commonly Used Words and Phrases

Simply add your term below and we will do our best to explain it.

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  1. EN12845 2015 TB 208232.3.2 “There shall be a low level alarm drain in close proximity to the alarm valve(s)

    Any ideas what is required here by the FPA

    1. Post

      Hello Gary, our understanding is:

      “The FPA are author and supplier of the UK’s most significant sprinkler installation standard, the LPC Sprinkler Rules, which incorporate the BS EN 12845 standard and additional technical bulletins, for a comprehensive and authoritative guide to best practice in Sprinkler installation and maintenance.”

      On this basis, we conclude that the FPA and EN12845 requirements are coincident.

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