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As the more eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed, some of our SEP logos have subtly changed, and this will be feeding throughout our branding over the coming months.

After some consideration, we have decided that the time has come to ‘streamline’ our name – which doesn’t actually say anything about what we do, and just causes confusion about where we are.

The ‘Sale Engineering Products’ underneath the SEP logo is being replaced by our web address ‘‘.

Verbally, although habits will take some time to change, we are starting to drop reference to ‘Sale Engineering Products’ and just refer to ourselves as SEP.

Although we have nothing at all against Sale (the suburb of Greater Manchester where the company was founded almost 30 years ago), it’s so long since the company had any connection to Sale that it’s no longer helpful.

In addition, we feel that the founder’s foresight in snapping up the firesprinkler web domain states quite clearly which industry we’re in, so that is much more relevant.

Of course, this small change will not impact the first class quality, flexibility and responsiveness that we are renowned for – it just helps us state more clearly what we do without losing our original identity.

Thank you to all our customers for helping us be able to move onwards and upwards…

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