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Recent Fire Sprinkler Saves

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Every so often we find it useful to consolidate some information on recent fire sprinkler saves, and maybe some instances where someone was not so lucky. We haven’t done this for a while, so please see below:

  • One of our customers, J&J, recently completed a residential installation in Colchester, and already this has prevented the spread of a chip pan fire after the activation of two sprinkler heads. Events like this highlight the importance of fire protection, where otherwise the fire could have easily grown, causing risk to the building and residents alike.
  • In January, a high-rise fire in Flint caused a man in his 70s to have to be rescued by firefighters following a cooker fire. In 2016, Flintshire Council retro-fitted sprinkler systems throughout an estate including Bolingbroke Heights in Flint. Paul Scott, Senior Fire Safety Manager at North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said: “This incident clearly highlights the importance of sprinklers in helping to avoid the spread of fire. The fast activation…helped to protect the occupier…avoiding damage and major disruption to the remainder of the building and its occupants”.  Find out more here.
  • Also last month, and also involving a kitchen fire, BAFSA and Triangle Fire published information relating to a sprinkler stop in Birmingham. A deep-fat fryer caught fire and a single sprinkler head activated to extinguish the fire before the fire service even arrived at the 12-storey block of 71 flats. Due to the speed of activation, smoke damage was minimal and no evacuation was required. Birmingham council took the decision to retro-fit over 200 blocks, including thousands of flats, but there are still residents who refuse to allow them to be installed.
  • Other recent UK saves include an office block in London, a flat in Croydon (tumble dryer) and a school in Hull (bin).
  • Further afield in Ooltewah Tennessee, a laundry bin fire was kept under control by fire sprinklers until firefighters arrived to complete the job. Although some residents of the care home had to move rooms, there was no evacuation required since the fire was contained to the janitorial room.
  • This month in Wakefield, it would appear as though fire sprinklers were not installed at a bakery which caught fire causing thick black smoke, road closures and evacuations in nearby buildings to take place. There was also an initial warning of possible asbestos, and a power cut. The fire caused damage to the majority of the building, although further details are scant at this stage.

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