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Improved Air Maintenance Device

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We have available several different models of air maintenance device, all designed to allow the fine control of air pressure from compressors complete with air receiver.

We will shortly be updating our unique INTEGRATED air maintenance device, following ongoing testing under different situations.

However, in the meantime, and following several recent orders for our STANDARD air maintenance device, we have re-designed and incorporated some improvements…

  • Tighter configuration – overall dimensions just (approx) 450x270mm
  • Removal of superfluous valve on ‘maintenance’ side
  • Better orientation of Y-strainer

In addition, all of the following are standard features:

  • Accurate pressure adjustment with lockable regulator
  • Controlled maintenance flow through orifice union
  • Accurate measurement with 63mm 7 bar pressure gauge (calibrated on request)
  • Full bore bypass (lockable valve on request)
  • Brass spring check valve
  • Fully pressure tested and painted pipework

And, of course, you will always get our top quality and first class service as standard.

Our webpage and data sheet will be updated shortly, but please contact us now for any further information.

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