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We are excited to have been one of a small number of sponsors to have helped BAFSA print a massive 100,000 (yes, one tenth of a million) information leaflets!

Produced last year, but realising that any information leaflet is no use unless it can be distributed to those who may most benefit, BAFSA asked for help to be able to commission a large print run – and we were happy to assist along with other big names in the industry such as Hall & Kay Fire Services, Grundfos, Reliable Sprinkler, Viking.

Espousing the benefits of fire sprinklers in a residential/domestic environment, the leaflet entitled “Fire sprinklers will protect my family & the things we love”, is targeted at anyone who may benefit from the protection offered by automated fire protection. Those most at risk may be in shared, especially high-rise, accommodation or otherwise vulnerable to the risk of a hampered escape in the event of fire.

The aim is to distribute this information to people such as residents’ groups, tenants’ associations, Housing Association clients, self-build cooperatives, and even property owners – anyone, in fact, who may need the information in order to make an informed decision for themselves, lobby their landlords or just want to know some of the basic facts.

The closing note highlights the more wide-reaching impact… “Sprinklers protect life, property, business & the planet from fire as well as safeguarding firefighters”.

An electronic copy of the leaflet is available here  Fire sprinklers will protect my family & the things we love

If you would like some of the leaflets, or know of someone who could benefit, just call us on +44 161 428 1180 or drop a quick email to

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