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It is with some regret on the one hand, but simply just another phase of our product improvement path on the other, that we announce the imminent discontinuance of the compressor stalwart that has been the SEP550S. We were advised some time ago by our pump supplier that this may occur…and then the next thing we know is that the factory has stopped production, and remaining stocks are limited!

But because we are flexible and fast-moving, the GOOD NEWS is that this 230v single-phase 1.5kw unit is being replaced by the SEP1.5S – in fact, the SEP1.5S is a higher class of compressor pump, is more efficient in terms of output per kw, and is available now.

You can compare the units by downloading our data sheets for both the SEP550S and the SEP1.5S .

It’s important to note that the new SEP1.5S is equivalent to but, because of its different design is not directly interchangeable with, the SEP550S. The mounting plate, electrics and flexi-hose are all slightly different and so replacing an old 550S pump with a new 1.5S pump would require some ‘remedial’ work – easy in our workshop but maybe not so in the field. Therefore, although we are still able to build a limited number of the SEP550S, and will be retaining a limited number of the pumps for spares and repairs, we would ask that you let us know should you require a specific number of spares.

EVEN BETTER is that this launch of the SEP1.5S comes with our new air receiver design – smaller, lighter, sleeker (especially with our new powder costing) and easier to maintain.

Please have a look at our sep1.5S data sheet and contact us if you have any questions at all.

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