Zone Guardian on another high!

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It’s now over 3½ years since our (smaller, lighter, cheaper, easier to install) ZONE GUARDIAN was approved by the LPCB.

Since then, we have secured some major contracts including one of the tallest buildings in Europe (22 Bishopsgate, London), one of the largest shopping and leisure area redevelopments in Europe (St James Quarter, Edinburgh), as well as receiving FM Approvals certification, and orders for numerous other significant projects both in the UK and overseas.

Although we can’t go into too much detail at this stage, we are excited to confirm that – thanks to one of our major customers, and a key player in the UK fire sprinkler market – we have now won another major ‘tall’ development in London! The building is again in the ‘City’ area, and is a mixed-use high-rise. We look forward to delivering, in our usual efficient and friendly manner, once our customer is ready.

The ZONE GUARDIAN has been just one of our massive success stories over recent years, and we’re sure won’t be the last, so please have a look at our design and specification and drop us an Email if you need any further information.

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