SEP’s oldest compressor?

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We are always receiving photos of compressors on dry, alternate or tail-end fire sprinkler systems – call us ‘sad’ but we always love to see them, whether they are ours or someone else’s (especially someone else’s actually, as that means that it’s likely to be replaced with one of ours!).

Almost exclusively, this is because they are not working for one reason or another – simply old age or heavily used, sometimes over-worked or occasionally due to some installation or maintenance oversight. They may need outright replacement, or just a part or two.

The compressor shown in the photo above is one we were asked about last month, and we know from the serial number that it was made by us…in the year 2000! You don’t need to be a maths genius to work out that this is 23-24 years’ old, which is pretty good value for money if you ask us. Even better value because it’s actually only the electrical contactor which needs replacing, so it should be back to working like a dream in no time at all.

Now, to be honest, if all of our products lasted this long, we’d probably be out of business, but this example makes a few things pretty clear:

  • We design well, for the job, and don’t create any obsolescence in our products – we make them to last as long as possible, it’s that simple.
  • We build using only high quality components from reputable suppliers, from the motor/pump assembly, the pressure switch and electrics, to the safety valve.
  • If they are installed well (bolted firmly to a solid surface using all four holes, not too hot or cold, dust-free environment etc), that’s a great start.
  • If they are checked and maintained (oil level regularly, oil change annually, inlet filter as required – there’s not a lot to it, so why not), that’s crucial.
  • And if they have been sized appropriately, so they get a regular warm-up but not running for hours on a refill, then that’s perfect.

So, whatever you need compressor-wise (or anything-else-wise), then just give us a shout.

Otherwise, if you come across any of our products which are pretty old – certainly pre-2000 – then we’d just love to see a photo of them in situ…maybe we’ll even start a gallery (or museum)!

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