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It seems there are endless news articles about fires…

So periodically we highlight some ‘not fires’ which were prevent by fire sprinklers – fire sprinklers being the most effective and most proven method of preventing fire worsening or spreading, as well as saving the lives of householders, workers and firefighters…as per the BAFSA website, 94% efficiency of operation, and 99% effectiveness once operated.

  • A school kitchen fire, caused by a plastic container on a gas hob, was controlled quickly and effectively by a single sprinkler head until fire crews arrived to extinguish. The school obviously had to be evacuated for a short period, but damage was contained to the kitchen only. There is a comparison to a non-sprinklered school fire in Bristol earlier in the year, where many pupils have had to relocate to surrounding schools for six months, and rebuilding will take at least a year. Read the full article here: https://www.sprinklersaves.co.uk/saves/primary-school-commercial-kitchen-sprinkler-activation-wales/
  • A vulnerable resident supported living property in Derby, where a sprinkler contained fire damage to a small area of a bedroom – the photo in this article tells a clear story, and luckily the resident evacuated and there were no injuries (or worse): https://www.sprinklersaves.co.uk/saves/derby-extra-care-housing-bedroom-sprinkler-activation/
  • A home appliance fault on the 4th floor of a 9-storey block in London caused a fire which could have been significantly more serious had it not been contained by the fire sprinkler system pending the arrival of the fire service (35 firefighters and 5 appliances). A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: “The numbers of buildings in London with sprinklers systems are still very low and we would like to see this increase.” See the full article here: https://www.sprinklersaves.co.uk/saves/1453/
  • And recent commercial/industrial saves reported by London Fire Brigade, including a Food Processing Plant, a Customer Fulfilment Centre, and a Mental Health Facility. In two cases, fires were completely extinguished by the sprinkler system, and the third required only minimal additional extinguishment. https://www.sprinklersaves.co.uk/saves/london-commercial-industrial-sprinkler-activations/

Contact us if you need to talk to us about your fire sprinkler requirements – if we can’t help, we can put you in touch with an accredited designer/installer/maintainer who can!

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