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By now, most customers will be familiar with our range of Zone Guardian flow remote switch testing devices for commercial applications in sizes ranging from 2”/50mm up to 6”/150mm, which have been available since the end of 2016 – becoming LPCB approved in 2017 and FM approved in 2019.

Less familiar will be our Zone Guardian Residential range for small-bore pipes from 1”/25mm to 1½”/40mm – these assemblies work in exactly the same way, with the same key components (LPCB approved Potter flow switch, Grundfos circulator pump, our easy to install Test Module), and are available in either galvanised steel or CPVC.

Still not quite what you’re looking for? As is normal for SEP because we design, build and test everything here at our own premises in Stockport, we are not restricted in what we can do – if you need something new or different then we are here to help – for instance recently we have built a batch of ‘Zone Guardian’ using specialised flow switches for a low-flow residential application. A good customer asked the question, and we delivered.

Find out what we can do for you – contact us now.

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