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On 14th June 2017, 72 lives were tragically lost, many many more deeply impacted, and others across the world affected in one way or another due to the horrifying events which unfolded at Grenfell Tower within the affluent borough of Kensington in London. What started as a small kitchen fire in a smart-looking but far from affluent building, quickly turned into the deadliest fire since the Second World War.

Such an event, supposedly impossible for many reasons, must surely lead to severe and swift changes across the areas of building construction and management, fire control, and evacuation to name but a few. Has it?

We don’t propose to re-write what’s already been written by other more qualified to do so, but here are a range of links:

Many people would assume that government legislation for residential and domestic fire control across Great Britain is consistent…this is far from the case! Please click this link to read our quick summary of the differences between England, Scotland and Wales in this area.

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