Upgrade for Pump Initiation Boards

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As we’re forever working hard and looking for ways to continuously improve our products, and the value for money that we offer, we’d like to tell you about another upgrade to our pump initiation boards.

We are already confident that our pump initiation boards (pump test panels, pump test assemblies, whatever you wish to call them!) are the best. They are the most compact space-saving on the market – both the single-switch BS5306 boards for wet risers, and the dual-switch EN12845 boards for sprinklers. In addition, using our unique 4-port valve design, the EN12845 boards are definitely the smallest, lightest and with fewest components minimising any leak risk. An open drain as the standards suggest (fully galvanised as an option), orifice fittings for fine control, and top-quality galv finish pipework and fittings on a 100% corrosion-proof clean white polypropylene board complete the look!

Well, on top of everything else, we are now using malleable pipe fittings which are, as well as being to the EN10242 standard, fully FM-Approved. We are finding the finish on these fittings is almost as good as the post-machining galv finish on the screwed pipe we are using, which adds to the overall top-quality look of our products.

If you’ve had one from us recently, we hope you agree. If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? Email us now to ask!

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