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We are not perfect. We know it, and so do our customers.

BUT we do aim to be! So, whenever we come across an issue or customer feedback, we try and do something about it – as soon and as ‘permanently’ as possible.

So when, earlier this year, we were informed that several of our ZONE GUARDIAN Test Modules were displaying visible faults on site, we were fast to act. Replacement parts were sent out, the faulty units were collected (including a number that were not actually a problem, but better safe than sorry) and we carried out a thorough investigation with our supplier and some expert advice.

The upshot of our investigation was that the root cause appeared to be an unfortunate convergence of (1) a design which allowed the lid to swing by the cable, despite us warning against this in our installation instructions, (2) a length of faulty cable which was not visible in normal use, and (3) a preparation technique which may have weakened the wires. This in turn resulted in something which may have looked like a bad solder but in fact is most likely to be a breakdown of the wire itself.

What have we done? We have in fact killed two birds with one stone, to eliminate all aspects of the issue. We have replaced the 8-core round cable, which was soldered at one end and screwed at the other, with a ribbon cable, which gives the following benefits:

  • The ribbon cable can be disconnected at either end, to allow the lid to be completely removed and kept safe during the back-box mounting and wiring process on site;
  • The ribbon cable is plugged, removing the risk entirely of manufacture or installation damage;
  • If either back-box or lid is damaged or becomes faulty at any future point, replacement of only the necessary part is quick and easy.

Whilst we admit that it’s difficult to ‘come clean’ about imperfection, we would rather do so than pretend everything is perfect when it isn’t. We are sure that our customers appreciate this, as well as our determination to investigate to the root cause of any issue, rather than simply ‘replace and hope’.

If you have any questions about this, or any other matter, then please email us


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