Compressor time!

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As usual at this time of year, as the ‘alternate system’ switch from wet to dry starts to gather momentum, air compressors become our biggest seller.

Specialist compressors for fire sprinkler systems are one of the products which formed the foundations of SEP, so we’re pretty good at making them to a high standard of specification, design and quality… we have, and continue, to build them so well that we know there are units out there which are over 20 years’ old if well maintained and in a kind environment.

Over the recent past, we have made improvements such as a smaller and sleeker frame design, compact air receiver, fully powder-coated frame and our relatively new ultra-quiet SEP0.7S model. We are constantly looking at improving our range, features and overall value… watch this space for more!

View our information on and range of Compressors

It’s worth knowing that we also have a completely unique Duplex Compressor along with Air Maintenance Devices , Dryer Systems and Regulators With or Without Filters .

We have an ‘our range’ Info Sheet and we have individual datasheets on our Downloads page as well as a host of further information including O&M Instructions, Troubleshooting guides, Standards guidelines etc.

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