2019 Price Review

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It is around this time of year that we normally review our prices… indeed, many of our suppliers have imposed upon us their own increases over the past 12 months, along with all the reasons you’d expect such as their own raw material costs, labour, exchange rates etc.

However, we are very pleased to confirm that we DO NOT intend at this time to impose a wholesale price increase on our regular customers. Due to our ongoing growth, and careful financial management, we have secured some purchasing, production and stock-holding efficiencies which allow us to announce a PRICE FREEZE for most of our products until further notice.

There will be some exceptions where specific components leave us with no option, and we will also be introducing an increase to end-users and non-specialists in order to ensure that our regular sprinkler installers/maintainers are getting the best deals available.

We trust that you, our customers, will appreciate this gesture which we are able to make for the time being, as indeed we appreciate your ongoing and valued business.

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