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Belt-driven compressors price cut

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Most of our customers will be very familiar with our standard range of wall-mounted compressors (the 550S, 850S or 850T – with or without receiver; standard or low pressure) which are compact units with a free-air output of ~5.5 or ~8.5 cfm depending on pressure.

Some will also have seen our duplex station which doubles the standard outputs at lower pressures (i.e. approx. 11 or 17cfm) but then automatically alternates the pumps for just ‘topping up’.

If you need a ‘work horse’ compressor for larger volume systems, then perhaps something from our belt-driven/base-mounted range would be ideal.

Available in single-phase 230v (FAD approx. 10.3cfm) and three-phase 400v (FAD approx. 10.3cfm, 13.8cfm, 17 or 23cfm), depending on size, the units are powered by a reliable motor and single or two-stage lubricated compressor pump unit, with an advanced cooling system that directs air to the head, valves and after-cooler for lower temperatures. Our base-mounted range of compressors are fully trimmed to our usual high standard and especially built for each customer order.

Due to our buying power with one of our key suppliers, and recent improvements in our manufacturing methods, we are now in a position to offer belt-driven compressors at a lower price:

  • SEP10.3 (230v or 400v): reduced from £1,699 to only £1,349
  • SEP13.8 (400v): reduced from £1,799 to £1,699
  • SEP17.0 (400v): reduced from £1,899 to £1,799
  • SEP23.0: reduced from £1,999 to £1,899
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