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ZONE GUARDIAN Flow Testing Device Update

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We have more good news this month on our progress in relation to the ZONE GUARDIAN flow testing device approval.

We recently had our factory production control audit which was carried out by the approval body – and, apart from an apparently perfectly normal number of ‘paperwork’ issues, we’re in good shape.

What this effectively means – in a nutshell – is that they’re happy that we are able to assemble and test the ZONE GUARDIAN in a controlled, consistent and robust manner, in accordance with our existing ISO9001 system. This certainly gives us some comfort that the processes we have developed over the last 12 months are appropriate, and of course it gives our current and prospective customers comfort that our new flow testing device will perform at a consistent level.

Thanks to Harry who – during the second day, nervously but successfully – demonstrated the assembly, testing and packing processes from start to finish.

In terms of the product testing itself, we understand that the second phase of testing is somewhere around halfway complete.

We know, from further significant enquiries received by both ourselves and Zeffire, that our customers are almost impatient for us to succeed, so let us assure you that we are working as hard as possible to achieve the accreditation we need as quickly as we can.

Thank you to those who are demonstrating their confidence in us at this point in time – we will continue to keep you well informed.

Please learn more about ZONE GUARDIAN here.


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