compressor test and drain device

Compressor Test & Drain Device

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We are aware from discussions with several customers that some LPC site inspectors are pulling up compressor installations which do not meet all of the relevant requirements (LPC, EN12845 or any other).

One such discussion has led to us developing a compact compressor test and drain device which allows the installed air compressor to be isolated for testing or maintenance, and the pressure testing to take place without disrupting the sprinkler system. The customer in question was delighted with the outcome, commenting: “That’s fantastic as always!”.

We know that many customers will install such arrangements on-site as a matter of course (we don’t build them into the compressor units because each site is different), but whatever your design or requirements perhaps it might be efficient for us to build them in batches for you.

This sort of arrangement is available in addition to our standard ‘air maintenance device’ which also provides for pressure regulation from an air receiver or works air system.

Learn more about our Air Maintenance Devices.


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