Dry Pipe Sprinkler Compressor

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If you are designing a “dry pipe system” then one of our air compressors with desiccant dryers are the best choice for your application. They have been designed specifically to provide a controlled supply of ultra dry, ultra clean compressed air to fire sprinkler dry pipe systems.

Dry pipe sprinkler systems

These systems provide fire protection in spaces where freezing is possible. Typical installations include commercial freezers, unheated warehouses and exposed loading docks. Warm air entering a chilled environment rapidly cools, causing moisture within it to condense. This can accumulate in the pipes and ultimately lead to the entire section of the pipe icing over.

These ice plugs can prevent a sprinkler system from operating by impeding or completely blocking the flow of water to the sprinkler heads. Drying the compressed air prior to entry greatly reduces or eliminates this risk, allowing the sprinkler system to function properly.

An air-drying station can be manufactured using virtually any of the compressors in our range (including oil-free, continuously rated, belt-driven and even duplex) and for either 230v or 400v supplies.

Key Benefits

  • All units comply with LPC guidelines, all materials comply with PED 97/23/EC.
  • Moisture removal down to a dew-point of -40°C, with pre- and after-filtration.
  • Pressure switches set as per your requirements.
  • Units include a pressure safety relief valve.
  • Glycerine filled 63mm pressure gauge.
  • Starter with thermal overload and min 1m flex.
  • Solenoid, unloader valve and non-return valve prevents compressor starting under load.
  • Flexible hose with ½” adaptor for system connection, minimum 0.5m.
  • Unistrut for fixing; can be wall (ideally) or floor mounted.
  • Anti-vibration mounts.
  • Complimentary compressor oil.
  • Air receiver models include 24 litre 11 bar receiver with drain valve.
  • Air dryers are sized and supplied to suit the application.
  • Maintenance and replacement parts are readily available.

If you have any specific requirements that are now shown here, please give us a call. You can also download our data sheet or send us an enquiry on our LPC Air Compressor page.

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