oil free air compressors

Oil Free Air Compressors

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If you are looking for easier installation and maintenance, our range of Oil Free Compressors may just fit the bill.

Whilst still offering the same level of reliability and ease of installation as the lubricated versions, our oil-free models have many advantages. Without the need to regularly add and replace oil, maintenance is low and there’s also no risk of leaking or spillage. The cylinders in the compressors are pre-lubricated (normally with Teflon) which helps protect the pump over time meaning less upkeep and repairs.

We have a few options when it comes to oil-free air compressors, all of which meet LPC, BS5306 & EN12845 standards. The SEP400 is a purpose built oil-free design, suitable for continuous operation where lower volumes and pressures are needed. One of our standard air compressors is also available in an oil-free version (SEP550S/OF).

Features of our oil-free compressors include:

  • Silent operation of the SEP400 models.
  • As standard they come with a 2-6 bar pressure switch set to cut in@2.8 and out @3.5 bar.
  • A low pressure option offering 0.2-6 bar pressure switch. This can be set to customer requirement.
  • Our units have a pressure safety relief valve set to 5.5 bar (for low pressure units this is set at 3.0 bar).
  • We fit a glycerine filled 63mm pressure gauge.
  • The motor controls are a contactor starter with thermal overload and minimum 1m flex.
  • Solenoid, unloader valve and non-return valves are safety features which prevent the compressor from starting under load.
  • The amount of compressor starts are reduced, overheating prevented and longevity boosted by an on-delay timer (400v models must have neutral for a 230v supply).
  • A min 0.5m flexible hose with ½” adaptor for system connection is supplied as standard.
  • All compressors in the range come with integrated wall brackets or Unistrut for fixing.
  • Anti-vibration mounts are supplied with all our compressors.

If you don’t see the model you are looking for amongst these options please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements as we offer many custom versions, including higher capacity models. As we manufacture our own compressors, we have plenty of parts in stock, usually available for immediate dispatch, should you need any replacements.


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