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Dry Riser Test Pump Update

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Following the ‘more-successful-than-we-expected’ launch of our new Dry Riser Test Pump in September – and our ability to quickly incorporate positive feedback from our experienced customers – we have made some changes to the ‘DRTP’ and laid out some options to provide wider choices.

  • Steel skid mounted for full stability and better looks;
  • Standard end connection 2″ socket can be replaced or supplemented with Instantaneous or Storz connections, etc;
  • Range of pump options for higher pressure of flow rates;
  • Calibration certificate for test gauge.

All of this information about the Dry Riser Test Pump will be available on our dedicated web page where you may also download an information sheet.

In addition to the various options, we are also in the process of working on a ‘vertical’ outlet system to minimise footprint for those stuck for space.

If you like what you see, contact us now for further information.

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