First Class Daughter

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Every so often, we allow ourselves a small ‘trumpet-blowing’ window…

This time, we’re doing so on behalf of our MD’s daughter, Sophie, who has just graduated from Lancaster University with a First Class BSc Honours degree in Psychology.

In order to be able to go on next year to study for a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology, Sophie is now taking a year out of education to gain experience in working with vulnerable people (something which was not possible during her studies due to Covid restrictions). She is volunteering for the NHS, and has also recently secured a volunteer role mentoring ex-offenders, helping with their re-integration back into mainstream society.

Rob and his wife are especially proud because this has been achieved despite numerous challenges including the inevitable Covid-induced homeworking and online lectures, losing out on at least half of the ‘university experience’, paying for unoccupied property rentals, and also dealing with emetophobia, depression and PTSD caused by a personal trauma.

It looks like following her parents into fire sprinklers or teaching isn’t on the cards, although ‘on the side’ she is successfully running a small online jewellery business through various social media and boutique online outlets.

We obviously wish her all the best for her future quests.

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