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Recent Sprinkler Saves

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Every so often, we like to reflect on recent ‘sprinkler saves’, because it reminds us all of the importance of what we do – especially in this mad world in which we find ourselves at the moment! Below is just a small selection that we’ve managed to pull together – there are many more examples, across the globe, both commercial and residential/domestic. This is why, at SEP and across our customer base, we love what we do!

Shopping Centres

London Fire Brigade report that security guards in Shepherd’s Bush Green shopping centre reported a fire alarm coming from a shop unit in the early hours of 9th September – within an hour, four appliances and crew had attended and brought the fire under control. The fire had originated from an industrial refrigerator. The station officer later said “This fire highlights the clear benefits of sprinklers to businesses and we would urge all companies and business owners to install them.”

Sprinklers Suppress Shopping Centre Fire


On 2nd September during late morning, a fire broke out in a toilet at Edinburgh’s Craigroyston High School, activating the automatic fire suppression system. Pupils and staff were evacuated and the school was closed for just one day following the blaze which was quickly controlled by three appliances and crew. Interestingly, one article stated that the school was closed due to “water damage caused by the sprinkler system”…of course, I think we all know that such water damage (and the preceding fire damage) would have been considerably worse had the sprinkler system not been activated!

Pupils Sent Home After Fire Service Battle Blaze at School


Recently, in August, an unattended candle caused a fire to break out on the 37th floor of a high-rise tower block in Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs in London. We know all too well what can happen, but in this case just a single sprinkler head operated which limited fire (and water) damage to a small area. The fire was under control when the fire service arrived, so they simply closed an isolation valve to stop the water once they were happy. The Tower Hamlets Borough Commander confirmed that “the sprinkler suppression system made a big difference in containing the fire and limiting its impact”.

Sprinklers ‘Helped Suppress’ Fire at Tower Block

Recycling plant

During the evening of August 11th North Yorkshire fire crews were called out to a fire of unknown origin at a recycling plant in Rufforth. The pre-action sprinkler system had already activated (9 heads) but firefighters required breathing apparatus and jets to completely suppress the blaze and ensure safety, before the contents of the building were removed.

Fire at Recycling Centre in Rufforth Near York


Meanwhile, in USA, LA’s 33-storey Bonaventure Hotel suffered a severe blaze on the 22nd floor, probably caused by rubbish or an ice machine early one morning. The building was evacuated and two people were in fact hospitalised whilst over 100 firefighters attended, demonstrating the seriousness of the situation which would have been significantly worse had the fire not been “held in check by the structure’s sprinkler system”.

Fire at L.A. Bonaventure Hotel Held in Check by Sprinkler System

If only…

It’s always a shame to have to pick on one other event, but only to illustrate the ‘what if’ of fire sprinklers. On September 17th, yet another example of fire causeD during temporary building works – this time at a school in Wiltshire, where a blaze started accidentally in the roof. In this case, the Chief Fire Officer said “…sprinklers would have reduced the speed of the fire’s spread and the damage caused before firefighters arrived at the scene”. The NFCC and BAFSA have for some time lobbied for sprinklers to be mandatory in schools; however, so far, this has not happened – although deaths and injuries are rare, the impact to pupils and the local community cannot be overstated.

Fire Sprinklers Would have Saved Damage to Woodborough School


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